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Bundala National Park

Bundala National Park is located approximately 85 Kilometers from Tangalle, the nearest resort town. In 2005 the park was designated as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, also designated a RAMSAR wetland its home to many migratory water birds in Sri Lanka. The most famous visitor being the greater flamingo’s which arrives in large flocks up to a thousand birds at a time is, making a cacophony of noise with their feeding and covering the entire area of the main Bundala lagoon with a pinkish threadbare carpet, truely a sight to behold.

The park contains 05 brackish water lagoons, Bundala being the best known and the best place to creep to watch elephants frolicking at dusk is the nearby tank called “Kokara”, advice caution as the elephants found at Bundala is a little more aggressive due to human-elephant conflict in the area. Area is home to many plant species along with mammals, reptiles and butterflies. The sleepy little hamlet within the sanctuary is the best place to locate yourself to observe wildlife after dusk.

Bundala National Park Map