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Yala National Park

The second largest national park in Sri lanka, Yala is also the most visited wild life sanctuary, which harbours many endemic species of the island.

The climate here is semi-arid with vast dry woodlands and open patches of grasslands and is divided into five blocks. Jeep Safari tour through the wildlife Park will be an unforgettable adventure, along with an odd chance of being charged at by a juvenile bull elephant! But as one will find out soon it’s part of the daily routine of a young bull elephant and quite harmless. Park also includes wide varieties of wildlife and plants. Two large rivers flow through the park and are home to about 32 species of mammals, 125 species of birds, along with many reptiles and lagoon fauna species. The entrance fees are payable at the main entrance office and includes the services of a tracker. In our opinion Yala National park is the best place to see peafowl’s in their best suits, monkeys chattering through the bush, elephants trumpeting through the undergrowth, elusive Sri Lankan leopards (Panthera pardus kotiya) gliding soundlessly through the bush hunting for their next meal, end of the dry season is the best time to see the animals around shrinking water holes.

Yala National Park Map